Welcome to the OGC Interoperability Institute

The OGC Interoperability Institute™ (OGCII™) is a scientific and educational organization dedicated to continued improvements in worldwide application of interoperable geoprocessing technologies and spatial data. OGCII's special mission is to propose and manage research studies, pilot initiatives, educational programs and infrastructure that help advance the development and adoption of open standards, interoperable solutions, policies and practices that improve society's ability to use geospatial data and technologies to address important social, environmental and economic issues.

OGCII's objectives are:

  • Examine current and prior research on geospatial topics to identifyresearch shortfalls and gaps.
  • Help form research collaboratives to accomplish this research throughstudies, testbeds, pilot initiatives, and infrastructure development.
  • Facilitate and provide education and outreach so the research bringssocietal benefits and improvements in government services.
  • Secure funding to support research to fill these gaps.

OGCII is at the beginning of a great adventure. Consider partnering with OGCIIto advance research and practical applications of research; develop and delivergeoprocessing education programs; and help address social, environmental, andeconomic issues through programs that leverage the power of new consensus-derivedgeoprocessing and geodata standards, policies and practices.

If you are interested in learning more about how your organization might use OGCII to fulfill its mission, or if you wish to sponsor or contribute to OGCII goals andprograms, please contact us:

David Schell, Executive Director David Arctur, PhD, Technical Director
mobile +1 (508) 641-1726 mobile +1 (512) 771-1434
dschell@ogcii.org darctur@ogcii.org


Read the OGC Interoperability Institute Prospectus.